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Cut Male’s Hair Short layer
Scissor Clipper Over Comb haircutting Tool

Cut Women’s Short Hair Layer Haircut
Scissor Over Comb Hair-Cutting tool

Cut Male’s Hair Short Layer Undercut
CombPal Scissor Over Comb Guide

Cut Men’s Layer Undercut Hair Tutorial
CombPal Scissor Over Comb Guide

Cut Female’s Hair A-Line, Undercut Bob
CombPal Scissor Over Comb Guide

Cut Boy’s & Kids’ Hair Haircut Tutorial
CombPal, New Super Easy Haircutting Tool


  • Attach the guide (see picture 1).
  • Comb up the hair, ensuring the guide sits straight up from the scalp (picture 2). For longer hair, pick
    ​ up the hair with your other hand first (picture 3).
  • Texture cuts – scissor point cuts (picture 4).
  • For angle control, move the guide backward or forward and angle the comb (pictures 5 to 8).
  • Blend different lengths together (picture 9).

Here are instructions for 6 popular haircuts. Do excellent haircuts in only 10 minutes’ time!

  • Tip for blending different lengths:
  • Using the curve of the head shape, move the comb straight up until it runs out of length to cut (see picture A).
  • *u – undercut means cutting the lower section shorter than the upper section and letting the longer hair fall over the shorter hair (see pictures B, C, D and E).

How to Use Combpal Jumbo Guide

Untitled 1
  • Pick up tha hair with your other hand.
Untitled 2
  • Place the comb through the hair ensuring the guide sits straight up from the scalp.
Untitled 3
  • Let the hair fall on top of the comb and cut it with scissors or a clipper.

If you have fine or curly hairs, here are some tips for cutting.

  • 1. Apply some firming gel or mousse to the wet hair evenly and blow-dry it straight.
  • 2. When cutting the hair, try cross checking or repeat cutting the same area with the same guide for a couple of times to make sure you cut all the hairs.