Scissor-Clipper-Over-Comb Haircutting Tool


Customer Service

Better, Easier & Faster Haircuts - Hair Cutting Comb for Salon ​and DIY haircut

Monet Beauty Products Ltd.
PO Box 61020
Vancouver, BC V6P 6S5

Phone: 604-807-3028


When will I receive my order?

Shipped by Canada Post - Tracked Parcel
Canada:  2 - 10 business days
All other countries:  5 - 15 business days
We will generally ship your order within one business day after receiving payment.

How can I buy the CombPal?

We sell online only, with payment by PayPal, credit card and debit card. Sorry, but we are not able to accept telephone orders or provide in-person pickup. 

I live in Canada. Can I pay in Canadian Dollars?

Yes, you can. The order page has a separate section for Canadian orders in Canadian dollars.

I don't live in Canada. Can I pay in a currency other than US Dollars?

For international orders (i.e. outside Canada), since we ship worldwide, we accept payment in US dollars only, as it is the standard worldwide currency.

Why can't I add items in my cart?

The cart only allows one currency type in it at a time. If you have different currency orders you have to do separate transactions. Make sure to remove the previous currency orders first before you add a new currency order.