CombPal      Scissor-Clipper-Over-Comb Haircutting Tool
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1.  Attach the guide (see picture 1).

2.  Comb up the hair, ensuring the guide sits straight up from the scalp (picture 2).  For longer hair, pick up the hair with your other hand first (picture 3).

3.  Texture cuts - scissor point cuts (picture 4).

4.  For angle control, move the guide backward or forward and angle the comb (pictures 5 to 8).

5.  Blend different lengths together (picture 9).

CombPal Haircutting Tool Instructions

Here are instructions for 6 popular haircuts. Do excellent haircuts in only 10 minutes' time!

Tip for blending different lengths:

Using the curve of the head shape, move the comb straight up until it runs out of length to cut (see picture A).

*u - undercut means cutting the lower section shorter than the upper section and letting the longer hair fall over the shorter hair (see pictures B, C, D and E).

CombPal Haircutting Tool  6 Popular Haircuts
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